Plotter cutting

Plotter cutting is a process of the image cutting on color self adhesive vinyl. The plotter film cutting is carried out on the equipment Roland GX-400

The material cutting is made on a vector contour of the computer image from a file. We will prepare some models for the plotter and process the files sent by you in any vector formats. (*.ai, *.cdr, *.fh, *.pdf). Bitmap files (*.jpg, *.tif, *.bmp etc.) are not suitable for the plotter cutting. The raster picture can be prepared for the plotter cutting, drawing it beforehand. Besides the plotter cutting, we can offer services of clearing and fitting of the cut film and installation of plotter cutting at any surfaces (plastic, glass etc.).

The plotter cutting technology gives an opportunity to produce low-cost colorful stickers. It is an economic and very practical variant for advertising decoration of a showcase, a board, and a vehicle, manufacturing of cliches, bright inscriptions, and tablets.

The films of ОRACAL 641 641 Series are in a greater demand than the others; we also work with light-scattering and light-reflecting films. The ОRACAL 641 Ecomony Cal is a soft calendered film, made of PVC, with thickness of 75 microns with glossy (Oracal 641) or matte (ORACAL 641M) surface, available in 60 standard colors. These well proved series of colored films are used in advertising decoration of exhibitions, showcases, booths , tablets and any other kinds of the outdoor advertising. Having good dimensional stability of the material, the Oracal 641 film is resistant to water, detergents and to the majority of typical oils, greases and weak acid and salt solutions. The Oracal 641 Series has the name Optimum – it is an optimum choice of a colored film for advertising.

Service life of ORACAL 641 and 641M for the external application is up to 3 years (the operation temperature is from –40 °C to +80 °С). Service life of white and black colors is up to 4 years. Terms for interior application are practically unlimited.

The prices to the plotter cutting and collateral materials

To calculate the manufacturing costs of a sticker produced using the plotter cutting the sum of costs of two basic components should be calculated: SERVICES + MATERIALS. These data are shown below in the separate tables: Cost of services (Table 1). Cost of materials (Table 2, 3). Cost of applique works produced using several colors and the sticker fitting to the surface is calculated separately, when the model is provided.

Table 1 (Services, price for 1 sq.m., VAT is included)
Symbol average height
Plotter cutting (notch)
Image sampling
Transfer to a foil
TOTAL for a complete cycle
1–5 cm RUR 360 RUR 900 RUR 135 RUR 1.395
5–20 cm RUR 270 RUR 540 RUR 135 RUR 945
20–50 cm RUR 180 RUR 180 RUR 135 RUR 495
More than 50 cm RUR 90 RUR 90 RUR 135 RUR 315

Table 2 (Materials, films)
Material for the plotter cutting
Price for 1 sq.m., VAT is included
Foil RUR 120 transparent, without any substrate.
Foil glued, white RUR 120 matte/glossy, 80 micron.
Foil glued, colored RUR 150 45 colors, matte/glossy, 80 micron.